Tips for Ballroom & Latin

Ballroom Posture for man & lady includes; a normal standing posture with the inclusion of a light stretching of the abdominal muscles favoring the stretching of the back.

Control of the pelvic muscles, so that the waistline stays parellel to the floor.

The weight is transfered over the ball of the foot keeping the knees slightly flexed.

Closed Dance position is the basic position of the Dance Couple the right side of the mans center is in contact with the right side of the lady's center. the left sides of the couple is not in contact and the shoulders and hips remain parallel. The head position in this position is slightly to the left of the sternum for both the Man and the Lady.

Latin Posture: commencing in a static posture using basic guidelines, the latin posture has slight differences between the man & lady due to the interpretation and characterisation of each dance. As a basic guide, it is the Center of the Head (ears) ; center of the shoulders: and center of the hips. The lady will have a slightly forward poise of the ribcage and the slight backward poise of the pelvis.

The shoulders and chest should be relaxed while the abdomen should be held under slight tension. Using the abdonimal muscles there is a pulling of the navel towards the spine and upwards towards the center of the chest.

The holds in Latin are many, and the more common holds if any consist of the normal hold (Closed Position) and Mans left hand to the Lady's right hand in an (Open Facing Position).